Ragtime was developed by Ragtag, an XR Studio based in Italy and focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality. As Ragtime was born as an internal project, it soon developed as a way to explore how to play and compose inside virtual reality. Its experimental nature make it an ever-work-in-progress project, the publication is just the first step to its further development and improvement. First thing, Ragtime needs feedbacks from users: composers, gamers, music professionals and amateurs, the call to action applies to anyone able to hold virtual sticks and smash them around. With that in mind, Ragtime next step will be an evolution into a VSTi plugin for Ableton and Logic, in order to create an actual virtual reality tool for composers and producers.

Samples: link each pad to different samples and create a unique instrument.

Setup: the space is your playground: customize pad’s position and sound and save them for later, or choose between 2 classical setups.

Tempo: keep the rythm with the metronome feature, speed up or slow down your bpm and tempo.

Songs: play along some awesome songs, composed and performed by the independent musicians of Il Malloppo network.

Drag: move every element you see where you want them to be: pads, interface, metronome. Just make yourself at home.

Loop: lose yourself in the songs and loop them over again and again and again and again.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the current situation in Italy and aorund the world, Ragtag decided to publish this project for free. Learning a new way to make music seems like a great way to spend this crazy time in house.

Download for free