Atomic Bands

Atomic Bands are a pair of wearables, worn on the wrists or ankles, that aim to accurately approximate full skeletal body tracking. They have haptic feedback, OLED displays and LED lighting to give a variety of feedback points as part of dance, martial arts and fitness focused gameplay. These smart bluetooth gaming devices offer new options for Augmented Reality gaming. No camera, console or remote control needed. Single or multiplayer options. Make fitness FUN!

We travelled a lot (Venice, Bologna, Barcellona, Portland, San Francisco, Prague, Gran Canaria, Las Vegas, Vienna) and meet so many awesome people during this journey lasted 2 years. For sure the most crazy experience in my life. So far.

what I did

My contribution to the team: Software engineering, Unity 3D, Gesture Recognition Systems, 3D modelling&animation, Motion Capture, 3d printing. Main partners: Alcatel One Touch, Intel, Techno Gym.

  • 3d design of bands and docking station, including 3d printing of prototypes
  • firmware for Curie chip for wearables and gesture recognition (video and sensor based)
  • Unity: bluetooth, gesture recognition
  • demo: sonic utopia, laika, Boogie Frantick and Jardy (mocap and animations)

Made for


Funky Bots presenting Atomic Bands at CES 2017, Las Vegas


Press reviews



Read full article: CNET – Top Gadgets of CES 2017, Las Vegas

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