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I am a programmer.

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I love learning new things like algorithms, tools and programming languages, playing with them and using them to overcome new challenges.


I’m not a 3d artist but I know how to model, rig and animate in 3D.


A game mechanic doesn’t need just bug-free code but above all a good game design as its root. Taking care of the user experience is part of the job.


I’m used to working in international contests and with people with a completely different background than mine such as Graphic Designers, Musicians, Visual Artists, Dancers, Martial Artists.




Gen 2020 – Current

Unity XR Developer, Tech Advisor

Ragtag Agency – Modena, IT

Development of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. (www.ragtagagency.com)

My contribution to the team: Software engineering, Unity 3D, VR, AR, Mobile Development.

Dec 2017 – Dec 2019

CTO, Unity VR Developer, 3D Generalist, R&D

Itimere – Bologna, IT

Development of Virtual Reality experiences based on historical reconstructions. (http://www.lamacchinadeltempo.eu)

My contribution to the team: Software engineering, Team Management, Unity 3D, VR, 3D modelling&animation, Motion Capture.

Main partners: Acer, Studio Evil.

Jan 2016 – Dec 2017

Software Engineer, Game Developer, R&D

Funky Bots LLC – Around the world

Proudly working on next generation body motion gaming devices, wearables created by movement junkies (world champ street dancers, martial artists, pro athletes and tricksters).
My contribution to the team: Software engineering, Unity 3D, AR, Gesture Recognition Systems, 3D modelling&animation, Motion Capture, 3d printing.
Main partners: Alcatel One Touch, Intel, Techno Gym.

Apr 2016 – Nov 2016

Tutor (Programming 2)

University of Catania

Mentoring students in carrying out exercises using the C++ programming language.

Aug 2014 – Current

IT Consultant, Social Media Manager, Webmaster

Fondazione Carlo Gajani – Bologna, IT

Managing, updating and maintenance of official site and social pages, computer related troubleshooting.

Mar 2012 – May 2014

Freelancer Developer

ideaforweb – Catania, IT

Software and web development using Java, WordPress, PHP.

Mar 2013 – Jun 2013

Tutor (Computer Graphics)

Academy of Fine Arts of Catania

Mentoring students in carrying out projects using Computer Graphics softwares.



Master’s degree in Data analysis and Multimedia

University of Catania, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

Data Analysis, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Social Media Management, Multimedia, A. I.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

University of Catania, Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica

Thesis in Computer Graphics and Gesture Recognition entitled “LIE (Leap Image Editor): a gestural editor for digital images”.

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DEVELOPMENT: Unity 3D, AR, VR, Project Management, Gesture Recognition

PROGRAMMING: C#, OOP, Java, Matlab

DEVICES: Leap Motion, Intel Curie, HTC Vive, Mixed Reality, Oculus GO, Oculus Quest, IOS, Android, Moverio BT-200, Perception Neuron

3D MODELLING, RIGGING, ANIMATION: Blender, iClone, Substance Painter

MOBILE DEVELOPMENT (IOS, Android): Ionic Framework, Angular


Rosa Mei

CEO / Funky Bots

Mario is a brilliant programmer with a quirky and wild imagination. He is a consummate team player who pours his heart and soul into all his projects. Everyone calls him Super Mario for a reason. He can run and jump across platforms and knows precisely when to power up and throw fireballs.


Nostalgici Anonimi

A visual novel based on a psicological study about hikikomori

A Painter’s Tale: Curon, 1950

A story about love and resistance, an adventure game about historical memory.

Build38, Patch Release13.

A VR installation about genetic determinism, representation, network infrastructure and privacy.


Ragtime is a virtual reality instrument in the shape of a drumset, made to play, experiment and push the boundaries of music in VR.

Halloween Horror VR Experience (2019)

Fly among the towers of medieval Bologna on an enchanted broom and clear hordes of monsters with your magic wand!

Bononia: Bologna at the time of the Roman Empire (now with multiplayer option!)

Roman Basilica of Bologna

A very big room scale VR experience

Tutankhamon’s tomb in VR (now with multiplayer option!)

A museal VR experience.

Al Canèl (The Canal) VR

A museal VR experience.

Medieval Bologna VR 2.0

A museal VR experience.

Cibus Bononiae VR

A museal VR experience.

Meditation Moves

A mobile app to learn meditation and taichi.

Atomic Bands

Next generation body motion gaming!


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based in Bologna, IT

mario.diber [at] gmail.com